Sustainability Through Recycling

Reef Recycling Services

A highly knowledgeable team with vast experience of the plastic recycling sector, Reef buys and sells plastic waste. They pay market leading rates and offer a comprehensive nationwide service for the efficient inspection and collection of scrap plastic. Trusted by suppliers and customers alike, Reef Recycling has a solid reputation for meeting the exacting standards expected by their plastic waste suppliers and customers.

Reef’s Quality Assurance Inspectors will make site visits to examine, photograph and grade your waste plastic to assess quality and provide accurate pricing for ‘obligated’ producers / suppliers. For re-processors Reef offers a wide range of plastic types with a fully transparent audit trail.

Reef plays a key role in the efforts of the country to achieve its packaging recycling targets  and works on a daily basis within the realms of the PRN (Packaging Waste Recovery Note) System, and the PERN (Packaging Export Recovery Note) system in line with the European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste 94/62/EC.



Reef buys all types of scrap plastic from a variety of trusted sources such as:  waste management companies, skip-hire companies, packaging manufacturers, packaging converters, manufacturers of products that use plastic packaging, fillers, retailers and any other organisation that is looking to fulfil its plastic recycling obligations.


Reef supplies waste plastic of all types to accredited re-processors who are skilled at either making second life plastic products or extruding the plastic into pellets for re-sale.


  1. PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate – e.g. bottles, food trays (clear, black, green etc.).
  2. HDPE – High-density polyethylene – white milk bottles, bleach bottles, washing machine liquid bottles, rigid drums, pallets.
  3. PVC-U – Poly Vinyl Chloride – clear bottles, food trays, toys, piping, wire insulation, windows.
  4. LDPE – Low-Density Polyethylene – plastic bags, plastic wrapping, cling film, agricultural film, construction film, industrial bales and redundant roles.
  5. PP – Polypropylene – butter/margarine tubs, fresh soup containers, some bottle caps, bulk bags, buckets.
  6. PS – Polystyrene – yoghurt pots, insulated disposable cups, some trays, parcel packaging, seed trays, fish boxes and electrical packaging.

As a busy site with many priorities our service providers must be efficient. Having dealt with Reef for several years, they have always been competitive, helpful and friendly, with vehicles and payments arriving on schedule.

Daniel Cox: Operations Manager
CSH Environmental Ltd

For more than 5 years we have given Reef a broad range of challenges.  Mark and his team have risen to those challenges and come up with some innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

Steve Graves: Director
Austin Hayes Ltd

Reef have been straight forward to deal with and have helped us grow our Agricultural Waste business by paying competitive rates.

Edward Gwilliam: Director
Gwilliam Recycling
Reef Recycling share the same values as us. In our dealings we have always found them trustworthy, reliable and operate with the highest integrity.

Colin McQuaide: Director
CJM Partnership Ltd