Sustainability Through Recycling

Here at Reef Recycling we have been busy doing our bit for the environment.

Through our collaborative efforts with our Community Green Group, we aim to facilitate the planting of more indigenous trees for the benefit of all in Boston Spa and surrounding villages.

The preservation and planting of trees can be really helpful to reduce carbon gases into the atmosphere.


Planting trees at Deepdale Community Centre’s Wildflower Meadow

Replacing tree guards at Stables Lane, Boston Spa.










Litter picking is a fine way to protect our local environment, reducing waste, reusing and recycling are key in helping, not just the our own community but the the world to become more eco-friendly.

Log piles which will provide a home or a refuge for many species of invertebrates; amphibians and small mammals.

Albeit small gestures, we are hoping to inspire others to follow suit!🌳🌍 


Litter picking with the Boston Spa community.

Community member standing beside a log pile, in the local nature park.










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