Sustainability Through Recycling

Global Recycling Day – 18 March 2023


Recycling is one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect the environment and demonstrate our commitment to global sustainability ♻️.


Global Recycling Day was created to help recognise and celebrate the critical role that recycling plays in protecting our planet’s future and its priceless primary resources. It is a day when everyone should come together to put the environment first.


To give recycled items genuine value and repurpose their worth, we must first persuade people all over the world to consider resources rather than trash when it comes to the goods they surround themselves with.


Every year on March 18, the Global Recycling Foundation celebrates Global Recycling Day to promote the reuse of items all over the world.


Newspapers, plastic water bottles, soft drink cans, cereal boxes, and milk cartons are just a few examples of everyday recyclables.


Recyclable post-consumer PET, PP & HDPE bottles.


According to the Global Recycling Foundation, if we make an effort to recycle items that we normally throw away, we can have a greater impact on the environment and our lives.

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